About Me

As a teenager I had found solace in the music of my age; Nirvana and later Linkin Park amongst others.  They inspired me to pick up a guitar and learn to play, as well as to start writing my own songs.


I have been fortunate to meet some incredible and talented musicians over the years who encouraged and helped me become a better musician and song writer. Those people are still friends and associates and have continued to support me with my latest music project.


Sadly, many of my musical influences lost their lives due to their own struggles with mental illness, which often led to excessive drug or alcohol use as a coping mechanism; and so my first mental health music project, an original cover of Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ was born. One More Light had a double significance during Lockdown, as the video created to accompany the track shows.


At the moment I am concentrating on my mental health awareness music project, but when that first phase is complete, I intend to go on to creating amazing music that I hope you will enjoy.